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Featured articles are most outstanding articles in Worldpedia. Features articles set a example for other articles of Worldpedia.

  • Now, there are 4 featured articles out of 235 articles on the English Worldpedia (Every 58.75 articles have a featured article.)
  • Featured articles show on the main page is change once every month.
  • If there is a star mark (star mark) on right corner of article page , the article is an featured article.

Now, this featured article show on the main page:

Mushi (Japanese. 虫) is the Japanese word for insects. Konchishonen is a word for a boy who loves to play with insects. Many people have fond memories of childhood, click here for a perusal of the full article

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Here is the latest list of featured article‎s.

  1. Traditional Chinese‎
  2. Mushi‎
  3. Solar System
  4. Spider
  5. Taiwan

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