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Mushi (Japanese. 虫) is the Japanese word for insects. Konchishonen is a word for a boy who loves to play with insects. Many people have fond memories of childhood, click here for a perusal of the full article


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  • Wikia has been changed its name into Fandom powered by Wikia on October 4.
  • An earthquake in Southern Taiwan made 117 people die on February 6.
  • October 31 is Halloween, and it's tomorrow is All Hallow's Day.
  • The warship of USA went into South China Sea on October 26, and China released statement for it.
  • May 18 is International Museum Day.
  • May 14 is Mother's Day.
  • A crash happened with Germanwings Flight 9525 in France on March 24.

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Leucostele chiloensis

You can see related article Leucostele chiloensis.


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