Hello everyone! My name is T Gordon Cheng, I'm from Taiwan. Cheng is my name, on behalf of Cheng; Gordon is my English name, I wanted to apply for the Gordon Cheng, but someone has to apply, so I was in the top plus T, on behalf of Taiwan.

If you want to see my activity on creating articles, browse the articles in this wiki, go to User:T Gordon Cheng/article or Wiki works.

I am an administrator of this wiki, Wikinote, Chinese Worldpedia, Food Wiki, Cookie-run Wikia, Computer Technology Wiki, Program encyclopedia, Microsoft Wiki, Conlang Wiki, Software encyclopedia, Worldimage, Worldtravel, and Worldtionary.

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Surname: Cheng/Zheng

Gender: Boy

Constellation: Leo

Chinese zodiac: Snake

Residence: Hsinchu City, Taiwan, Asia, Earth

Body are: Student


Wiki Birthday: 29 January 2015

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Solar System Remained the same 0~5 KB
Project page
Administrators 15:01, 25 October 2014 Remained the same
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29 January 2015 created first article

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