The Tuku Junior high school (Chinese: 土庫國民中學; Pinyin: Tǔkù Gúomín zhōngxǘe) is a junior high school in Tuku, Yunlin, Taiwan. It was founded in August 1, 1968, the first president was Wang Liangfu (王梁甫), and president is Yang Shanyuan(楊善淵) now.


school song Edit

The school's school song writed by President Wang, this is its first sentence of lyric:

(Tuku JHS is the cradle of culture; its students can study and is good of sport)

The school song's last sentence before Chen Shui-bian was in power, the sentence was "Start the Three People's Principles' years, and strengthen China", Chen turned it to "To show our study and sport, and contribute to our hometown"[1]

List of presidentsEdit

  1. Wang Liangfu(王梁甫)
  2. Liu Hebi(劉和璧)
  3. Lin Jiuhua(林久華)
  4. Xie Feifei(謝霏霏)
  5. Zhong Jinsen(鍾進森)
  6. Yang Shanyuan(楊善淵)

partner schools Edit

  • Chengdo Middle School, South Korea


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