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Spiders are small animals, looking a bit like insects, of which they are distant relatives. Spiders are easy to recognize from insects by the fact that the body is made of two (instead of three) parts, and that they bear four (and not three, as insects) pairs of legs. Spiders never have wings. They have 8 eyes, and 8 legs.[1]


  • Draw a spider like as the upper example.
  • Compare two invertebrate 6-poda (hexapoda means in ancient greek 6 legs) and spider, (also can draw a sketch of an insect, that is to say a fly)

To Math

  • Eight
  • and pair of...

To science

  • Show a pair of invertebrata like flies and spiders

To music


Try with the lyrics of Katie Melua´s Spider´s web: If a black man is racist is okay??

if it´s a white man is racist

,cos the bully is the victim they say
by some sense are they are all the same
´cos the line wrong and right
is the width of the thread of a spider´s web
The piano keys are black and white
but they sound like a million colour in your mind

remember forever the guns and feathers in time



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