"Por Que Llorax Blanca Nina"(Sephardic Jewish music from Sarajevo) Jordi Savall, Montserrat Figueras

"Por Que Llorax Blanca Nina"(Sephardic Jewish music from Sarajevo) Jordi Savall, Montserrat Figueras


Por que llorax blanca nina, Por que llorax blanca flor?

-Lloro por vos cavallero Que vos vax y me dexax.

Me dexax nina y muchacha, Chica y de poca edad.

Tengo ninos chiquiticos, Lloran y demandan pan.

Si demandan al su padre, Que repusta les vo a dar?

Metio la mano en su pecho, Cien dovlones le fue a dar.

Esto para que m'abasta, Para vino o para pan?

Si esto no vos abasta, Ya tenex d'onde tomar.

Venderex vinas y campos, De la parte de la mar.

Vos asperarex a los siete. Si no, a los ocho vos cazax.

Tomarex un mancevico. Que paresca tal y cual.

Que se vista las mis ropas, Sin sudar y sin manchar.

Esto que sintiu su madre, Maldicion le fue a echar.

"Todas las naves del mundo, Vayan y bolten con pas.

Y la nave del mi hijo, Vaya y no abolte jamas"

Paso tiempo y vino teimpo, Descarino le fue a dar.

Asentada en la ventana, La que da para la mar.

Vido venir navezica, Navegando por la mar

Asi biva el Capitan Que me diga la verdad.

Si veriax al mi hijo, Al mi hijo caronal?

Ya lo vide al su hijo, Al su hijo caronal.

Echado en aquellos campos, La tierra tema por cama, Y el cielo por cuvierta.

Tres buracos el tenia Por el uno le entra el aire. Por el otro le entra el sol.

Y por el mas chico de ellos, Le entra sale el lunar.

Esto que sintio su madre, A la mar se fue a echar.

No vos echex la mi madre. Que yo so tu hijo caronal.

Ye se bezan y se abrasan. Y se van a pasear.


Why do you weep fair child? Why do you weep fair flower?

I weep for you, my knight, For you go and leave me alone.

In me you leave a girl, a mere child. A young girl of tender years.

Tiny little babes have I Who cry and ask for bread.

If they ask for their father, How shall I answer them?

He put his hand in his pocket, And a hundred doubloons gave her then.

What good is this to me? Enough to buy win or bread?

Is this not enough for you. You have other means instead.

You shall sell both fields and vineyards, One half of the town you shall sell.

You shall sell both fields and vineyards, Those that lie close to the sea.

Seven years you shall wait for me, But the eighth year you shall marry.

A fine young man you hen shall wed. in all respects like me.

Then let him all my garments wear, By sweat and stains unblemished.

On hearing this, his mother-in-law Cursed him with these words.

"Let all the ships that are in the world sail to and from in peace.

Save only my son's ship. Let it sail and never come back."

Time it cam and time it went. To longing she fell prey.

And as she sat at her window. That looked towards the sea.

She saw a little sailing ship Sailing upon the sea.

God save you, my good Captain. I beg you, tell me true.

Have you seen my son, perchance, My own dear heart, my son?

Yes indeed I have seen him, Your own dear heart, your son.

He was lying in distant fields Upon a bed of earth, With only the sky for mantle.

He had three holes in his body. Through one the wind did blow, Through the other the sun's light shone

And thought the smallest of the three The moon did come and go.

On hearing this, his mother Went to cast herself in the sea.

Mother do not drown in the sea, It is I, your heart's own son.

Then the two embraced and kissed And together they walked away.

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