Stipeae achnatherum

Jarava ichu (S.ichu[1]) is a grass in highlands in Andean range [2] Later Chialdella critizes the classification by Peñailillo, on Dna grounds, probably stipa-Jarava is not a monophyletic asemblage [3] Romaschenko et al [4]statesMAC includes a strongly supported Jarava s. s. clade (BS=91, PP=1.00) of four species excluding J. media and J. plumosula, both of which are members of a polytomy that includes a clade of North American Achnatherum species (Achnatherum III or ‘Eriocoma group’, PP=0.71), and an unsupported clade of Nassella and Amelichloa (PP=0.58). Amelichloa (BS=97, PP=1.00) is sister to Nassella"

  3. On jarava, or putting the chart before the horse