Front door of Dong Yuan Elementary School

Hsinchu Dong Yuan Elementary School, officially known as Dong Yuan Elementary School Hsinchu City East District (Chinese: 新竹市東區東園國民小學). It is at No.25, Yuanhou St., East Dist., Hsinchu City, Taiwan.


Its area is about 3.1 ha.


The school founded on August 1 of 1952.

Moved to the present position on July 20 of 1953.

Renamed as Dong Yuan Elementary School Hsinchu County Hsinchu City (新竹縣新竹市東園國民小學) on August 1st of 1968.

Gym completed on September 1 of 1977.


  • 2nd semester of 2010
    • Boy: 1267
    • Girl: 1080
    • Total: 2347
  • 2nd semester of 2014
    • Boy: 1153
    • Girl: 1022
    • Total: 2175

Building Introduction

Name Floors Introduction Remarks
Ying-Sing Building (迎星樓) 3 floors 37 years of history.
Cyun-Ying Building (群英樓) 3 floors and 1 basement Built in the 1990s. The B1 is billiard room. Grade 6 use it.
Si-Wang Building (希望樓) 3 floors Reconstruction completed in 2010, the original it is 2 floors. Kindergarten use the 1st floor of it.
Cin-Syue Building (勤學樓) 4 floors and 1 basement The B1 is is computer classroom.
Shu-Siang Building (書香樓) 2 floors It is in back of playground.
Siang-Yang Building (向陽樓) 3 floors The 1st floor is parking lot.
Central Hallway (中廊) 2 floors and 1 basement The B1 is Rhythm classroom, Library on the 1F, and teachers office on the 2F.
Gym 1 floor PE class place when raining.

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