Girasol 1161
Common sunflower G 1162

Sunflowers, a member of aster family native to North America, were and still is cultivated for their oil and their edible seeds [1] The spanish name of sunflower is girasol which means to turn with the sun, a behavior that is characteristic of the plant [2]

Chimalacatle was the name cited by Hernandez Historia de las plantas de Nueva España-


Human consumption is deposited as coprolites [3]

Will et Burke (2006) stated a single origin of domesticated sunfower at east central US (cf. Heiser 1954), also by the evidence of charcoal of the fruit of the plant (i.e. achene) 4000 YBP
  3. Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) as a pre-Columbian domesticate in Mexico

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