Coconut art 06

coconut is actually not a nut but a drupe fruit of the coconut palm, whose mesocarp (pulp) is fleshy but not stringy. Inside is the hard endocarp, surrounding the seed with three clearly visible germ openings. At the germination is the germ by one of these openings to the outside. The three germ openings are the remains of the construction in three carpels existing fruit. The seed consists of a single scutellum, the palm is after all a eenzaadlobbigge, that the transport of the food reserve provides to the germinating plant. The reserve food in the seed consists of white, fat, fibrous endosperm (endosperm), the coconut which include dried as coconut flour comes on the market and half a turbid liquid, the coconut water (liquid endosperm). When fully ripe fruit has been around the endosperm from the fibrous endosperm. The solid white substance of the coconut is called both coconut and coconut. The fruit is a green husk. It is removed after harvest, after the hairy wood note appears in stores [1]

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